yelling-group-editedThe Secret Things was formed out of friendship, a common love for playing loud, trashy rock’n roll music, and a pure meeting-of-the-minds wavelength the band has been thriving on since their inception in early 2016.

Influenced by artists like PJ Harvey and Nirvana, their songs & sound came together organically during those early jam sessions. The debut EP, Shock Diary, will be released on October 27th, 2016, via olivoiL records in the US.

Basic tracks for this album were recorded at New Monkey Studio in Van Nuys, CA. N.M. was originally Elliott Smith’s studio, a favorite artist of the band. This detail being one of many synchronistic elements The Secret Things has experienced thus far.

The trio’s hypnotic vocals are courtesy of Cynthia Catania, a veteran singer-songwriter who has played to crowds of 100,000 with her former project Saucy Monky. She has shared festival stages with Wilco, Metric, PJ Harvey, Pink, and other contemporaries. An invitation to play with the TST rhythm section came the same week Cynthia’s partner in Saucy Monky left the United States to move abroad.

It was during the Saucy Monky era that Steve Giles, joined Cynthia as SM’s bassist, coming out of a record deal and radio hit with ‘The Lemming Song’ by 3 Penny Needle. The common denominator, Steve, also shared success with Dream Life Misery drummer Dan Nelles, who signed with powerhouse Morey Management Group (Janet Jackson, Miley Cyrus, etc.). Both Steve and Dan went on to tour New Zealand, opening for The Bangles with Canadian artist Amy Hef. Steve’s solo album ‘It Always Snows In Greenland‘, released earlier this year, is a favorite with local DJs.

The mastermind behind TST is drummer Dan Nelles. His secret vision to rally Cynthia and Steve into a band (since 2011) finally came true this year, and the three of them have been enjoying a spark of universal flow ever since. Their first gig in Temecula, CA, took place on a festival stage with Jimmy Eat World & Neon Trees, after winning an iHeart radio contest for the coveted slot!

The band’s first music video ‘All The Way Down‘, directed by Sue Ann Pien, garnered 4000 YouTube hits around its first 24 hours of release. The world premiere was hosted by OML. The video features fashion darling Sonja Kinski, whose mom is the famous Nastassja.

The future holds even greater promise for this communion of kindred spirits. The Secret Things is coming out of its hiding place – some secrets can’t be kept forever.

For more info on this exciting new band, visit The Secret Things online.

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Down By The Water (Video Remix) // The Secret Things - Down By The Water (Video Remix)
  1. Down By The Water (Video Remix) // The Secret Things - Down By The Water (Video Remix)